E-commerce retouch

This package will focus more on overall editing including background and model, so your catalogue will be more and more professional which will give you thousands of customers. 

With 1 photo of product, you can sell thousand of pieces, why you delay to upgrade it to be more appealing?

As shopping online is becoming more popular every day, the need for great photos and catalogs will be in demand. Don’t let the pressure of spending so much time on cleaning your catalogue of products worry you. 

We will take care of all the long and boring process of photos, you only need to do what you do best: Sales! Less work, less worry!

What E-commerce retouch package includes?
  • Change Background (Transfer to white/transparent/any color background)
  • Color correction/Change
  • Add Shadow or Reflection
  • Basic Retouch Skin For Models
  • Retouch Clothes (Remove Wrinkles or Imperfections as requests)

The prices will definitely depend on your requests, but the quality will always be worth the cost.

More beneficial things you can have:

  • “Unlimited Free Revisions” if you are not satisfied with the final version.
  • Promise to keep all photos in strict privacy and only public with permission.
  • Up to 300 photos in 1 day is possible!

Try 1 for free now!

Please take a look if you need any other services:  Background removal or Basic retouch.

With each client, we always arrange jobs to a specific editor to make sure about the consistency and we guarantee to take every project seriously and deliver on time.
E-commerce retouch – 1DRETOUCH

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