Composite photos, which are defined as two or more images blended together to create a final image. Compositing can be a useful tool in cases such as advertising and it can also be used to create much more elaborate scenes that wouldn’t have been possible to create in camera.

What Composite Retouch can do for you?
  • Adjust lighting and contrast
  • Basic and very natural skin (Red Eye Effect Removal, Scar, Pimple, Acne Removing, Teeth Whitening)
  • Color correction (White balance)
  • Basic background cleaning
  • Clean excess hair
  • Image Cropping

With each client, we always arrange jobs to a specific editor to make sure about the consistency and we guarantee to take every project seriously and deliver on time. 

More beneficial things you can have:

  • “Unlimited Free Revisions” if you are not satisfied with the final version.
  • Promise to keep all photos in strict privacy and only public with permission.
  • Up to 50 headshot photos in 1 day is possible!

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Please take a look if you need any other services: Model Retouch or Lifestyle Retouch.

We will help you create the best photo out of many photos. They can include additional effects if you need them

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